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Tate Martell in the Portal (again)


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Former high school teammate and former best friend of former Husker Tyjon Lindsay. (Three "former's" in one sentence!) Neither has lived up to the 5* / high 4* rankings that they carried coming out of high school.

But hey, we are in the market for a backup QB!


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It will be interesting to see who is desperate enough to take a chance on the kid.
Trust me, I'd steer clear of him regardless of our need for a QB, but you know some desperate coach out there will throw caution to the wind.


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This dude is so entitled. At some point you would think he would look in the mirror

Dude was on season one of QB1: Beyond the Lights. It's interesting to look at what's happened to the nine guys who have been on that show in three years. Martelli's not the only one who hasn't liked his situation in college. It's all about playing time and getting to the NFL.

Tate Martell: Committed to tOSU, transferred to Miami. Headed to school #3 in 2021.
Tayvon Bowers: Committed to Wake Forest. Redshirted in 2017, played in one game in 2018 and four games in 2019. Transferred to Gardner Webb in January 2020 with two years of eligibility left.
Jake Fromm: Played at UGA. 5th round pick by Buffalo in 2020 draft.

Justin Fields: Committed to UGA, transferred to tOSU. Likely 1st round pick in 2021.
Sam Hartman: Committed to Wake Forest. Threw for over 2,000 yards as their starting QB in 2020.
Re-al Mitchell: Committed to ISU, transferred to Temple in summer 2020. Played in three games this past season. Will probably start for them in 2021 because their former starting QB is now at Michigan State.

Lance LeGendre: Committed to Maryland. Got beat out by Tagovailoa and transferred to Louisiana for 2021 (the program formerly known as Louisiana Lafayette).
Spencer Rattler: Committed to OU. That game in Norman this fall is probably going to be ugly.
Nik Scalzo: Committed to Kentucky. Tore his ACL before the 2020 season. Will probably be throwing passes to Wan'dale in 2021.
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