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Sure do wish I could see the practices now


Travel Squad
15 Year Member
I think I heard Jason Peter say they played loud music in the weight room. I could be wrong but I agree during practice it is unnecessary. This team needs to pay total attention to detail right now!


Scout Team
5 Year Member
Ali loved traing with music blaring

Said it helped with his rhythm

I think music is great when you're working (or working out) individually – thinking, writing, running, cycling, boxing, etc.

When you're trying to organize a group, a team, including teaching and conversation, I think it's counter productive.

It's not clear to me how the old regime would have coached, or corrected effectively with the music blaring.


Junior Varsity
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I find the whole music thing age-impacted. I don't know how you do anything that requires concentration if loud music is playing. Nor do I think you have to just walk around with music playing through your ear buds all the time. I guess that's because I'm old. I see it as avoidance.
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