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Super Regionals 2021

Husker Country Doc

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I kept thinking the exact same thing on the six games that I’ve watched them now.

How on earth did they get through a tough conference like the SEC with that just that approach. Which then brings to question the entire SEC which was dominated by Arkansas.

I mean the first game against a North Carolina State they absolutely pulverized them. But it was the same stuff….home runs.

I think we exposed their weakness and they got lucky with that 8th inning.

And they didn’t get lucky against North Carolina State.

Lordy I would’ve loved to play those guys. What a superb match up! Two scrappers in a junk yard dog fight!

After the first game I thought they would be a weak opponent but now I think it would’ve been a wonderful battle!

Obviously this is DVH's postseason approach.

Didn't trust the other arms in the bullpen at nut-cuttin' time.


Feral Cat
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SEC: 3 teams
ACC: 2 teams
Pac-12: 2 teams
Big 12: 1 team

Those were the top four conferences based on both RPI and ELO.

The Big 12 was ranked second in both metrics, so they were probably the biggest underachiever. Texas Tech and TCU were both top 8 seeds, so chalk favored both to make the CWS. Arkansas was the other top 8 seed to not advance.
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