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Super Regionals 2021


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Arky is a two trick pony.

HRs and Kopps.

Not sure why they are thought to be the best ever.
I kept thinking the exact same thing on the six games that I’ve watched them now.

How on earth did they get through a tough conference like the SEC with that just that approach. Which then brings to question the entire SEC which was dominated by Arkansas.

I mean the first game against a North Carolina State they absolutely pulverized them. But it was the same stuff….home runs.

I think we exposed their weakness and they got lucky with that 8th inning.

And they didn’t get lucky against North Carolina State.

Lordy I would’ve loved to play those guys. What a superb match up! Two scrappers in a junk yard dog fight!

After the first game I thought they would be a weak opponent but now I think it would’ve been a wonderful battle!


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I see my misunderstanding in previous post. Oh well, just glad they're not coming to Omaha and I don't have to look at their name anymore.