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Sunday Scrimmage Video: things seen


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i think you're right. What is up with Clark and Taylor wearing long sleeves out there?? it was hot Sunday right?
It is a myth that in hot weather you are cooler with short sleeves. If it is hot and you wear short sleeves then your sweat evaporates very quickly making you sweat more to try and cool your body. Leading to dehydration quicker. If you wear long sleeves it keeps the moisture on your skin thus more efficiently cooling your body.these guys all live in one of the hottest places on earth. Do you see any short sleeves?

The CDC agrees. https://afophs.wordpress.com/2017/03/29/avoiding-heat-stress-by-using-long-sleeve-shirts/

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I wouldn't get too excited over a 15 second mashup of plays that look good. I think Riley's audio visual team did similar things over the last couple pre seasons that made it seem the team was as great as all get out, and we know how the team really played in games. Grain of salt, please
I'll get as excited as I want. That's what makes being a fan FUN.