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Summer high school club ball is here.


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Not making fun of anybody other than the grown men exploiting kids by telling them that without this program they won't make a college when programs like Doane (No idea who the coach is) and Hastings (Sponge); they will take pretty much any warm body. You're the one with the hard-on for some weird barnstorming kids team; we're not making fun of small colleges. We are calling them what they are. What was the term you used?

Rec Ball


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Due to playing fall baseball, last summer with the Sluggers and other things my son was talking to Ball State, Indiana State, Eastern Illinois for D1 and Emporia State and Northwest Missouri State at the D2 level. Turned down opportunities at all of them to attend a private school because 1) Wanted a stronger faith based environment 2) They have a 70% placement into med school 3) he likely will play all 4 years. the D1 and D2 programs were honest and told him it would take 2-3 years of development before he’d get much playtime. Not what he wanted. All the extra training and moving away from legion ball gave him negotiation power. Put him in a position to make choices and have opportunities. His HS and Legion coaches got him no contacts. One promised to call some colleges but he never did. His fall coach did, those colleges came out to see him play and it provided opportunities. That’s all I expect.

That’s what I’m talking about here. Providing opportunities. If you support legion and feel it’s the best, then you better be working on making that program stronger. You better have a board of directors and coach that are willing to put in the time. If you don’t adapt and change to the current landscape you will be roadkill. Don’t blow smoke up my butt and tell me the current system of HS coaches also coaching Legion is in the best interest of these boys.

Nope. No self promotion here. Give me a break.

But pretty weak self promotion at best. Your son might play a private school because he is paying to play. The majority starting varsity high school athletes in Nebraska can go play at a private school. You paid for you kid to play and maxed out his exposure so he could "talk" to programs D-1 and D-2 schools. Who cares. Notre Dame, Indiana, Tennessee, Cal, Texas all "talked" to me about joining their programs, you're not impressing anyone. Hopefully your son's faith based environment will teach him some humility.

Additionally, you start a thread to give an opinion...fine. But then you (and others you gang-up with) bash people like @ShortSideOption who also give their opinion.

Nothing wrong with legion ball anyway. Legion ball provides opportunity to less fortunate. Out here, in western Nebraska, 4-5 families and local sponsors foot the bill for the entire team which allows our best players, who mostly come from families below the poverty line, chances to get looks from regional community colleges and many go on to play d1 after one or two years in cc. But then you probably also don't want to compete with these kids for playing time anyway. They think playing ball may be their only way to earn an education and will outwork your child of privilege and probably have more natural ability to jr anyway.