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Suh to Tampa


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Didn't I see that McCoy is leaving? I don't watch the NFL anymore but I do follow some of the news. Seems like a good fit?


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The McCoy they are referring to has nothing to do with quarterback it was a number 3 selection defensive tackle same year Suh was drafted
I belive Gerald McCoy? Wasn't he the Oklahoma DT that some said was Suh's biggest rival in the Big XII? And then Suh just annihilated like 6 different QB's shot at a Heisman in a single season.

Excited about Suh and David playing together.


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How will we ever raise the money to update his image? ;) If I were him and donated that much money to build the place and have it named after me, I probably would also ask for my image to be updated. Just sayin' :D

Lol right after we changed his 30 foot picture in the weight room to the one of him with the Rams to make him happy. Oh well, got that B1G revenue now.


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Suh was perhaps the greatest defensive linemen to ever don a Husker uniform. Didn't have the over all impact I thought he would have in the NFL but still very very good. He's made a ton of money and been almost injury free. Be interesting to see how he works out at the Bucs.....