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Stunning Michigan run

Blue Howl

Drink up, Shriner!
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Isn't Vandy everybody's favorite SEC team though? They actually have high academic standards, they have a relatively clean reputation as far as recruiting, and they've never been a football powerhouse in my lifetime. Kind of like Northwestern before they remembered that they play football.
True. Although I root for LSU in football. Kind of a long story how I got to be a bit of an LSU fan.


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Before this series started, I told my youngest son that I was going to pull for Michigan ... but, local ties quickly changed my sentiment as several friends including next door neighbor a!l traveled to Omaha to root for Vandy ... then I found my All Star coaching jersey with #41 on the sleeve for Donnie Everett who came out of Clarksville High & was also reminded that my son's former teammate & Rossview classmate is a 2020 Vanderbilt baseball commit (pitcher). Finally, Coach Corbin is just a class act and simply hard to root against him.