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Stunning Michigan run



A team the Huskers very recently took 3-4 from made an amazing run. Won tonight with a complete game setting up the rest of the tournament very nicely. #GoBigTen


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Looking at the draft, they got hit pretty hard... Top 2 pitchers. Jordan Brewer. High school commit signed with Oakland. Had another high school pitcher drafted in round 30, but he may go to school considering what they made the other two pitchers into.

Will be interesting to see how Michigan recovers from that.


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I'll always be a huge fan of Mississippi State due to my nephew playing there and now a Whitesox. But talk about a unreal staff...You have to look no further


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Crazy to think that if they would have lost to Illinois, they probably weren’t in the tournament.

I love how their coach puts together their team.
This reminds me of the first time that Oregon St. won the national championship. Reportedly, they were the last team in the tournament, and they ended up winning the whole thing. Getting hot at the right time means everything.