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Strength Coaches

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Something to do with injuries?

Isabelle Bourne, Ruby Porter and Trinity Brady each caught a ride (off the floor with injuries) at some point this season. You also can add Bella Cravens to the list of players injured during a game.
Nebraska had four starters miss multiple games this season. Bourne, the team's second-leading scorer and a high-level defender, missed four games with an ankle injury. Nebraska’s best rebounder, Cravens, missed three games with an ankle injury. Porter missed four games with ankle and leg injuries.

The announcement of new strength coach Alex Jardine may provide some clues.
"We are excited to add Alex to our staff," Nebraska Coach Amy Williams said. "He is an experienced women's basketball strength and conditioning coach who is an expert with movement. He also strongly emphasizes injury prevention, so we believe he is going to be a tremendous asset to the development of our players."

Specifically mentioning "movement" may also be significant.

I expect maybe LJS or OWH will have an article on the new coach.

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