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Strength coach Stuart Hart helps Nebraska

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Good Article in Today's (1/21/18) OWH!

Hart comes from the University of South Florida, where he worked two years with the women’s basketball team and one year with the men’s team. Before that, he worked for seven years at NCAA Division II St. Leo, north of Tampa. He applied for Nebraska’s job in part because he’s long felt loyal to women’s basketball — it’s where he got his start as a coach — and in part because he wanted to get in on the ground floor of a new coaching staff. Williams is in her second year.

But Hart knew something else about Nebraska, too. Husker Power. Boyd Epley, Mike Arthur, all the pioneers in NU athletics. If you’re passionate about the field, and Hart is, you know Epley.
LOTS more in the article you'll want to know! :nod:
Those hours spent with Hart don’t necessarily need to kick in during every game. But Nebraska is undefeated this season in true road games. And in the 74-65 win over Iowa, NU’s superior conditioning was the difference.
“This preseason and this summer was incredibly hard on all of us — mentally and physically,” Whitish said. “That’s why we’re here. We’re able to beat these teams that might be bigger than us or stronger than us.”
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