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Stepp? Morrison?

We have to remember,

we don't know who shows up early for practice, who is dragging in late.

Who is falling asleep in meetings, who is falling asleep or not going to class.

I have to believe some of that goes on in all football programs.

Hopefully the tougher HCSF is playing the dudes most invested!


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Two weeks ago, SF stated that Stepp was still not 100 percent recovered from his previous injury.
That would certainly make sense. The kid gets 100 yds in a game (albeit Fordham) and then disappears. That almost has to be injury related.


The answer to that question is everyone makes their judgement on whose good in part by what they read in the media. Stepp was suppose to be great because we all saw USC on his label, just like we did the DB from OSU who transfered and is even with a true frosh for 4th team right now.
Or in Morrison, we see he broke records in Oklahoma we think hes great. But neither of those 2 guys IMO have looked anything but OK when i've seen them play. Frost wants to win worse than we do, if they were difference makers theyd be in the game.
Johnson is damn good. Hits the hole faster than any back we have, is by far the best out of the backfield, and he blocks like a stud both in the pass game and running game. Id like to see Yant a little more to compliment him, but he made 2 cruicial errors in the game and Im guessing he makes mistakes in practice too and hes just not gotten to where hes ready for big time minutes just yet as a true frosh
Rahmir gets a step, hes gone
I like Rhamir , but he may hit the hole "at 100 mph" but alot of the times it's not the right hole. Really want him to see the hole then go 100mph. Unfortunately the way the staff talks hes doing as instructed which worries me slightly.