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Stay classy, Cardinal

Elwood von Kiowa

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Texas Stanford. Bunch of spoiled, impudent, classless Texans. The NCAA is supposed to be all about sportsmanship -- how does this reflect sportsmanship?

Sure, it's supposed to be a private drawing for the team only. But is this how we're supposed to motivate the women leaders of tomorrow? By advocating a culture of hate and disrespect?

Their AD said this "does not reflect the values of Stanford University." Well guess what? From the band, to the teams, to the student body, this is EXACTLY the culture of Stanford -- and they're proud of it.

Sure, I can get past the "mascot war" aspect of the cartoon. But in the pinko liberal capital of the pinko liberal, anti-gun state of commiefornia, how can anyone think it's acceptable to show an image that glorifies gun violence?
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Elwood von Kiowa

Grad Assistant
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So, was:

S__ is d___
G_ B__ R__

(the sign on I-80)

just "goofy college kids"?

Because it's exactly the same thing. Totally classless and reprehensible.
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You can be a championship competitor without trashing your opponent.

Riiiight, because we’ve never had a player talk trash, have we? We have the distinction of hearing sound bites from podiums. If we heard the conversation in the locker rooms, we’d learn an entirely new world.

Remember when we heard about JP and GW giving a chat to the team, and we were all giddy? And we want to get all bent about someone cartooning the bird at us? And that gun/blow dryer thing was explained to me by my daughter. You may have noticed our team is blessed by some pretty attractive young women...Stanford, not so much. That was a swipe at their looks, kind of a double entendre of sorts. Death by blow dryer/gun.

We need to get some thicker skin.


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It really didn't bother me. With that said, it just shows that even very "smart" kids that go to one of the best institutions for higher education in the world are not above doing something stupid and non politically correct.

Husker Eponymous

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fwiw, Stanford did know their locker room was "open" to all media due to it being an NCAA championship event.

That said, agree with above that this IS a reflection of their university and students. Look at the band, did you get a load of the band leader prancing around in fish net stockings? Classless.

All 'N' 011808

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The girls running into the locker room with the trophies in hand is all the motivation that should be needed.