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Stay classy, Cardinal

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Stanford, this is how you respect opponents:

(From article about Frosts recruiting of Nick Henrich’s)

“We met with Coach Ferentz several times,” Mike Henrich said. “Whether it’s him or Coach Chryst at Wisconsin, I can’t say enough good about them. There’s nothing bad about them.

“And that’s what Coach Frost said: I’ve got nothing bad to say about Iowa because there is nothing bad. Same thing about Wisconsin. There is nothing bad. I think we’re better and I think we can help you develop more.”


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We tend to forget that players at that level are cutthroat competitors, and that’s not exclusive to gender. You don’t say stuff in public, but that whiteboard wasn’t in public, it was in the sanctuary of their locker room. I remember getting our opponents scouting report on us, that someone found in the other locker room. Now, full disclosure, this was one of our more disliked rivals, but let’s just say the descriptions in the player evals were ‘colorful’.

Nice we have this going into next season, but it’s not some glaring slight in my eyes.


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It is unfortunate, seeing a display like that, from such a formidable institution such as Stanford. It was such a great match. Unfortunately, some Stanford students showed a lack of maturity that I would never have believed would come from a student of Stanford, let alone a female student. Quite sad!

You know the old saying: What goes around, comes around! Our gals will never forget this.
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I would be shocked and not like it if I saw it in our team's locker room, but it doesn't strike me as that bad. That might be because I don't know much about volleyball ethos, though.

I think my opinion on this is I'm am exactly as angered by this as are the Husker Volleyball women themselves, privately. And I don't know how much that is and not knowing any personally, I'll just leave it there.
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