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Stat nerd thread


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Unlike the plethora of men's basketball tournament projection sites, not many sites track women's basketball.
Here is one: http://omnirankings.com/

I like what I see.


Red Don

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A solid finish in the top half of the B1G is what I'm hoping for; and achievable with our talent and depth. :nod: The WBB team has had a great run so far! :Bow: I'm looking forward to seeing how they respond when the competition heats up and they get into conference play!

Powder Creek

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This elevated projection makes me want to cover eyes & ears to protect my currently fragile Husker related emotions from further pummeling. Please just win the next game. Perhaps with a few conference wins it will be safe to venture forth from the darkness & despair and begin to enjoy the buoyancy of enthusiastic fandom that football has laid waste to. Don’t get me wrong. I am enjoying these posts as entertainment in themselves, while protecting against the harshness of inconsiderate possible realities.