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Starting Defense on 8/31/19


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Sorry about the cryptic post ... some of y'all had Bland penciled in as a day 1 starter. Now, coaches are high on Cam Jurgens & Farniok is in the mix. Would offensive center be a consideration as a measure of insurance?

Edit: maybe the post operative drugs are having some effect on that post ... got my fractured patella repaired yesterday. lol
Yikes...you been holding out payment from the mafia again? :Facepalm:


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Thanks for the good wishes -- walked on the leg for 8 days before I finally went to a doctor. Fracture seemed to be less bothersome than the surgery though! lol

Thanks - TH87

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Brandon Cavanaugh has no connections. He bases his hot takes off of Twitter.
I'm not sure anyone else who tells you they have connections, but won't say who they are, has any connections either. At least Brandon has press credentials that can get him access to the coaches and others in the program.