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Spring Practice #8 (4/10/18)

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From Schaefer link above..
Noah Vedral said he’s fulfilling a dream by being in Lincoln and working as a quarterback under Scott Frost. The quarterback said he had always hoped to follow in family tradition by playing at Nebraska, but ultimately the best opportunity for him was down at UCF under Frost. Now, Vedral said he’s staying patient and trying to help teach the other quarterbacks as they adjust to the new normal with a fast-paced offense.

— Vedral said the biggest adjustment any quarterback has to make, but especially the three returning guys from last season, is dealing with the speed. He said it’s difficult to get your mindset in operating at a fast level and not wanting to slow down and make sure everything is perfect. It’s been a battle for all the quarterbacks this spring, as they’re in charge of making sure plays get off quickly before the play clock reaches certain numbers.


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What if the 2018 #Huskers win all of their home games and none of their road games? That's 7-5. You signing up for that here in April?
With every coaching change since He Who Shall Not Be Named, there's been at least a little talk about time to establish a foundation on which to build. This is the first time I actually believe it will happen. Yes, I can take 7-5 because I'm convinced better seasons will follow and it will be a very long time before we again win only 4 games.