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Spring Practice #1 of 15 (3/4/17) Photos , Post Practice Notes & Video Interviews Added

Where do you live? My daughter lives in Elkhart and I was just there a few weeks ago.

SMALL world. Grown up my entire life in Elkhart. Live in between Elkhart & mishawaka in a small city called Osceola. I've got some grocery stores that are my accounts in Elkhart (I sell wine & liquor) next time you're in town we will have to meet up for are beer if you're into that sorta thing.

Holy skinny QB. Get the kid some protein shakes.

Funny thing is, I ran into him when I met A. Roberts. Someone had to tell me who he was because with his polo shirt on, I thought he was coming to fix a computer that was in the next room......lol.

He's just a kid at this point, nutrition and workouts will fix the look by the time we need him on the field.


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