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Spring game tickets and prices...


Yo Quiero runzas
5 Year Member
I'm debating on having a tailgate or not for the spring game,
Haven't had time to plan anything yet,
I'm an organ grinder with my pet chiwahwah, chiwawah , chalupa..whatever he is. We will be there for pregame entertainment


Husker Immortal Love Tool
10 Year Member
If i can get extra, then I will get some for family and friends at cost only.


Red Shirt
5 Year Member
lol he/she is on ignore so I can’t be sure.

I was referencing the lady that blew up the athletic department over Twitter. Talk about a great parent.
Harrison Beck's mom?

BTW...If anyone has seen that vile Harrison Beck twitter video post that is pretty racist and seemingly aimed at AM, I would like everyone to flood The Bottom Line w/Mik'l Severe for continuing to have HB as a sometimes guest on his show. We should not give that idiotic racist HB ANY publicity!!