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Sports Illustrated - "uncommittable offers"

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Just read the article. I was a little surprised that Nebraska was that high on the list, I think they were 3, but I wasn't surprised they were in the top 10. Lets face it Nebraska at this point has to cast a large and wide net to get recruits. When the winning starts the offer list will probably go down some, but I wouldn't expect it to go down that much. Our remote location also lends itself to more offers.
They weren't 3rd. Take another look. The list is a bit deceptive in that it only shows the school names of some of the teams in the list. In order:
Ole Miss
Mississippi State
West Virginia


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Maybe its the lawyer in me, but an uncommittable offer is not actually an offer. Maybe the rule should be that a kid can sign right away when they receive an offer, otherwise its just a big dance. Allowing the kid to sign immediately would seem to benefit everyone involved. The schools know who they have and who is just stringing them along. The kids know they actually have a plan and can close down the recruiting process. I have no idea if this would benefit or hurt the Huskers.​
You may also recall that the price tag on a product in a store is not truly an offer either. It does not become a binding contract simply because a buyer decides to buy at that price and brings it to the register. Ninety nine percent of the time, the purchase IS made and buyer and seller are happy. But if a product is drastically mismarked, the seller can choose not to go through with the sale.

As long as the recruits are getting educated on this new wrinkle of the recruiting process, it’s just a dance between buyer and seller. For Nebraska, it’s a way of putting feelers out with kids who maybe never would have considered Nebraska to get them to feel the fabric. If they reciprocate interest, then the school narrows its focus on those players. If not. The school moves on. It all shakes out in the end. The smart kid will identify the commitable offers versus the non-commitable and plan accordingly.


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Nothing there to cause me any heartburn. Scott is starting from scratch and moving very quickly. 5-7 years from now I wouldn't be surprised to see that number halved.


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What does an ‘uncommitable’ offer look like? Does it have words in it that say you cannot commit? This report is just click bait with a bunch of outrageous disingenuous accusations about recruiting techniques. The story should have included evidence of actual uncommitable offers. What do they look like.

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NU running a bait and switch? Sure seems that way. It’s just a dirty game with an obscene amount of dollars involved.
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We have to recruit nationally, and to do that we have to throw out a lot of offers to find players that want to come here. It's not like we only have to offer the best 2-3 players in a state like Alabama or tOSU can do, we may have to offer 15 to be able to find someone interested.
Add to that our recent record and we need to be going after a huge group of guys in order for SF to land an outstanding class.
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