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Speaking of Wichita State!


Husker Geek
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Asbjørn Midtgaard is 7'0"... seriously he must transfer to Nebraska. I think Pavelka might explode when Thorir Thorbjarnarson passes to him on a pick and roll.

Asbjørn means "God's Bear" in Danish. Do you know what you call Danish people who leave Denmark? VIKINGS.

MAKE IT SO - please please please please please.


Founding Father
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Take that back!! Boooooooooooo! ;) How are you doing, cyberbach? Take care, my friend. :)
Taking it day by day Bob, we closed our jewelry store and I'm cleaning out my garage to stay busy but it needed to be done anyways. I'm going to build a still, bought a kit out of copper... pretty involved but I think I can do it, gunna make hand sanitizer.