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Son Of Former NFL Star Muhsin Muhammad Visiting Nebraska

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What are our real chances here?
The offense obviously is appealing to him and seeing Lincoln and the campus in person is always a plus. He came to campus with his dad when they could be the center of the staff's attention which is always good for creating those relationships. Being from North Carolina, he is going to get attention SEC and ACC schools among others. In fact, Florida offered March 29, and he is at Tennessee today. I don't think he will be a recruit who commits before the fall, but that's just my thinking with no inside information at all.

If this staff continues to build on the relationship that they created with him on his visit and he gets back to Nebraska for a game day when the offense is absolutely humming, I really like the staff's chances in getting his commitment.


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Well, that's too bad. Mostly SEC/ACC footprint though so not totally shocked and his dad went to MSU. The only outlier seems to be Oregon