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Some schools in trouble with the law.

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Are these kids getting turned down from these schools because they don't qualify academically? Are academic standards lower for athletes than "regular" students?


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I think there is a difference. Before it was all kind of above the board. This was done in a way that made it still appear they got in on merit. Even though none of these kids have probably done A sport in their life. Also the "I will donate a million dollars to the new business college building if my kid gets in." Benefited all the kids in the school because they all were able to take advantage of the new business school building. This way only the kid, and the coach got any advantage from the buy in.
Agree. Huge difference. One is a "bribe" to the institution that is providing a service, the other is an employee of said institution on the take. Skimming money that belongs to the boss if the boss wants it. That is a huge difference.

The Ivy's, Stanfords, Vanderbilts, Dukes, Rices and U of Chicago's didn't get to where they are by not taking money from rich people. The names on the middle four reflect where they got their starting funds.

The last one was because John D. Rockefeller did not ask for his name on it; give the man some credit, he was so rich he didn't have to ask to have his name on it (kind of like JP Morgan building a three story building on Wall Street).

Also, the "Gentlemen's C" are for the kids of the rich and powerful that might not otherwise get in, like the Kennedys... The A & B s are for the smart kids who got in on merit. And want to go there to get to be known by the Kennedys...
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Sounds like the white leftist liberals are at it again. Rich white male children of Hollywood liberals getting something females, people of color or lower financial status don't. Seems totally sexist & racist to me. Isn't that the kind of things they accuse conservatives of? Just like they do with all the sex stuff, but when it's Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Al Frankin and others, all is fine. Libs seem to be the ones doing everything they accuse the conservatives of doing. As usual

Hey P & R (Pelosi & Reed) BUILD THE WALL!!!

That is quite a rambling, nonsensical post. It's like you channeled your inner Trump.


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Getting better/worse depending on who you like.


Marty Blazer, a Pittsburgh-area financial adviser and government witness, testified Tuesday in New York — according to reports from reporters covering the trial — that from 2000 to 2014, he gave cash to football players from seven schools: Notre Dame, Northwestern, Michigan, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Alabama and North Carolina. Blazer’s goal, he said, was to become their financial adviser once they turned pro.

I would say the NCAA has to do something about this, but we all know they won't.


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Are these kids getting turned down from these schools because they don't qualify academically? Are academic standards lower for athletes than "regular" students?
Yes...….they have lower academic entrance requirements for athletes and thus using bribes to coaches to bring a student in under an athletic participant.
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