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Locked due to no posts in 60 days. Report 1st post if need unlocked Some odd things about the January 2nd bowl games.

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1st oddity is that there are 5 B1G teams playing on the same day. Is that a record for one conference?

Secondly, all five teams are underdogs:

Penn St.
Houston -6

Mich. St.
Ga. -3.5

So. Car. -2.5

Flor. -2
Ohio St.

Oregon -6

Just seems kind of weird to me.
I don't know if this data is correct, but doesn't it say that Ohio State is a 2 point favorite over Florida?


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I do think the SEC is not as strong as it has been, and the B1G is stronger than many think. I generally think Nebraska is even with last years team, and they have lost to three conference teams. The Big 12 had a divided league last year and Nebraska benefited from it and in the B1G we escaped "battles" against Indiana, Purdue & Illinois. So I conclude that the B1G is up since Nebraska was not able to win their division as they had the last two years in the Big 12.

I really hope the bowl season turns out like I think it might, but won't lose sleep over it if it doesn't.


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They should be on the first of January. If they were on the first they would be watched and attended better. Many people have to miss work or school because of the games being played on the second.
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