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Soft Meals


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How you hanging by now BTBR?

How about some SUPER mashed taters?

Get golden yukons - by FAR the best.

Nuke them, skin-on in the microwave. Let'em cool then peel with your fingers and mash them good with a half a container of cream cheese or sour cream. Top with finely shredded cheese. For some reason, nuking potates makes far better mashed taters - I think there is some material just inside the skin that you retain this way and it gives the mashed potatoes more body.

That nutrament (or ensure) is pretty nasty, but has nutritional value. It's pricey, but...

Another alternative for taters - mash 2/3 potatoes and 1/2 turnips. Add just a little salt, pepper, milk to consistency and taste.

Look up "twice-baked" potatoe recipes on the web. There are lots of good ones.

Finally, and maybe the best, get some yams or sweet potatoes. Nuke one like a baked potatoe, split it open and mash in some butter. Sprinkle brown sugar on top. This is a phenomenal meal - will stay with you forever - sweet taters are a very complex carb, low glycemic value. One of the best foods for wrestlers cutting weight...but tastes good too.

Good luck...hope you can eat again soon.
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Doing pretty well, thanks gents.

Today, its been mostly yogurt and crackers. Seems the worst of it is over.

Hydrocodone--nasty stuff. Before this little 'operation,' the strongest thing to enter my body was aspirin. That stuff did a number on me. No more for me!

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I wouldn't wish a dry socket on anyone. They suck big time! I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled while in the Air Force. Ended up getting a dry socket over the weekend. I ran out of the pain pills the doc gave me and and then I was eating advil like it was candy. One of the most uncomfortable things in the world imo. Went to the dentist that Monday morning and they shoved some gauze down into the socket that was dipped into some cloves ointment and the pain was instantly gone, however then no one wanted to be around me because I stunk to high heaven from the cloves smell. Hope everything heals just fine for you.


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2 cans of chicken broth brought to a boil. Add 2 tsp of olive oil. dash of celery salt and parsley. Then, in a bowl. beat 3 eggs, sifting in 1/2 cup parmesan. Drizzle the mixture into the boiling broth while stirring.

basically parmesan egg drop soup. careful not to eat too much in one setting, the broth can have a laxative effect.