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Soccer 2019-20 Season

Red Reign

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Are you a United fan, RR?

What’s your take on OGS? I don’t think he’s a good enough system coach to put United in the Top 4 with what’s in the squad. No proven goal scorer that is going to lead the line of a top side. They need more world class players and possibly a better manager or they’re going to spend a lot of time in the Europa League.

Over at Chelsea, Lampard is pressing all the right buttons and the kids are playing well. Willian and Jorginho seem rejuvenated w/ Sarri out. Good year in English football so far.

What’s your prediction on the final Top 4?
I have two teams. My team as a boy in England and still is QPR. Mom's family team United so yup mine too

I like him a lot. Like Frost he needs a couple of years. Sir Alex running interference for him helps too.

I am not fan Lampard as a person or Coach

Liverpool, City, Arsenal and United

QPR makes the jump back to top flight too
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Pochettino fired.

This big wth is dedicated to you, Tottenham.

you gotta be kidding me billy zane GIF

Are you kidding me? Lol.
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And one more GIF as a thank you from all the Chelsea fans.

So, Champions League Finalist wasn't enough after his first slow start to a season?

what the hell wtf GIF by Music Choice

And what, they're going to go with Mourinho? Lol. Love it!