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SOCCER 2018-2019


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You won't have to worry about the free trial

Look I get the streaming is a big thing but only to a point. I think its really going to hurt them as they will lose the casual viewers especially the semi's and the final. Hard core fans will sign up for the most part bit that will not fuel their advertisments.

You will be able to watch highlights on You Tube as the FA will put those up
You were right.:Whiteflag:

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United and Liverpool play to a 0-0 draw

United had to use all three subs in half one. One being questionable in that the player should not have started. With that being said, United at the end of the game had more of the run of game and goal chances.

Solskjar now 9-0-2 in the league since replacing Jose

Good result for United under the circumstances

United falls back into 5th a point behind Arsenal with 12 games left in the season.

All in all a good weekend even with dropping back a point

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Class act, great teamate, credit to the game and a truly nice guy

I will miss him on the field


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United with three second half goals overcome a 1-0 half time deficit to Southampton in a 3-2 win

Lakaku with 2 goals including the game winner

A rarity in that both teams missed a penalty shot

Now 9-0-2 under Solskjar in the league and jump back over Arsenal into fourth spot by a point. Chelsea now five points back for the final CL spot

11-0-2 if the FA Cup results are included

Hints coming that Solskjar will be named the permenent manager soon
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I will say this, Emery has a brass pair. A 3-4-1-2 with 2 strikers, 2 attacking central midfielders and 2 wingbacks that can’t defend against an in-form Man United and it worked. Some might say that Wengers inability to reconcile the problems of Ramsey and Ozil on the pitch together was a big part of his downfall.

It worked today. Top 4 is down the wire with only Liverpool and Man City safe.

If Arsenal find their way into the top 4, Emery has done his job


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I haven't done my write up for SKC yet. I'm seriously too lazy to do it.......probably because I like everything they did in the off-season. They are deep everywhere except for fullback. Unfortunately, any team with superior wing play, aka LAFC, will hurt Zusi and Sinovic. Zusi has looked nothing short of awful in the first two games. We'll see if it's just early season play or just old man Zusi.

I like the signing of Zelalem. Dude needed a kick-start. He's shown he can play a possession game; learned it at Arsenal when Wenger preached it. Seems generally happy to get the opportunity. And saying all that, Vermes won't trust him to play in more than mop up duty sparingly for quite awhile. Say what you want about Pete, but he doesn't alter his system for anyone. It's frustrating at times, but is also the reason why Sporting is consistent despite a middling payroll. They play the same ball in their youth system all the way up to their USL 2nd team. They have 3 homegrown teenagers who are capable of quality first team duty. They aren't quite Dallas in terms of fantastic homegrown talent, but they are damn close.

That SKC - LAFC game was mid-season quality from two very good teams. I expect both to be playing for the Western conference title.