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So Proud...


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These girls fought and fought and then fought some more.

First they could have folded when they had a losing streak in October. They did not, they kept fighting.

They got put in the toughest regional by far. They kept fighting.

They could have given up down 2-0 against ILL getting blown out in the second set. They kept fighting.

They could have given up down 2-1 to Stanford getting blown out in the 3rd. They Kept fighting.

They blew Stanford out in the 4th and ultimately lost in the 5th. The Opposing teams player of the game made a point of giving our girls credit even when she was not asked.

Hold those heads high girls. You made husker nation proud.

Elwood von Kiowa

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It's sad to lose Mikaela and Kenzie, after all they've done for the program. And they deserved another trophy. But in spite of the 3-point loss in set 5, NU was the better team. It's like the '93 FB team; they didn't get the W, but they can hold their heads high knowing they gave it their all. With a couple of crazy bounces the other way, we'd have 3 NC trophies in the last 4 years.
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Farmer Jake

To the entire 2018 team (whether you saw game time or not), thank you for all you did for Husker Nation this season. You showed how things should be done. Mikaela and Kenzie, we will miss you next year. To the ladies who will be back next season, we welcome you back. Looking forward to seeing you then.


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Such a great effort! So very proud of this team. We outplayed them in the 1st set. Unfortunately, the 5 aces by Stanford made the difference .

Hold your heads up high, ladies, you were the better team. And, as iterated in the other thread, Stanford, beware your immature demeanor in the locker room; It will come back to bite you in the rear! You know, I wish their captain/captains would make a public apology for their actions. I doubt that!!
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All 'N' 011808

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An All-American program, led by a Hall of Fame coach, with a group of young women who are the epitome of what a team is. Well done! My 10 year old son was excited and into the entire match. There IS No Place Like Nebraska!