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From what I've read, there are drills that can help QBs improve their arm strenth. The problem is that it doesn't appear to be a "quick fix" issue. Also, given the NCAA rules about the amount of time coaches/trainers are allowed to spend with players during the offseason, the player really has to commit to wanting to improve his arm strength on his own.

The insane arm strength Pat Mahomes has he started working on as a kid with his Dad. It isn't something he started working on at TTU. Interestingly, he and other pro QBs known for their arm strength credit playing baseball, and baseball drills, for helping develop their arm strength.

Good points I wouldn't have thought of. Thx.

I told you guys I would come here and be honest about my thoughts on Smothers. My thoughts are he’s a better runner but worse passer than Martinez. He’s limited with his arm strength. He’s tough but he’s not a quarterback. Option football was shut down in tge second half and we couldn’t run up tge middle or pass. Tge option is a good piece but we can’t make a running quarterback a focal point. Did anyone see the cuts bruises on Smothers arms? We won’t have anyone make it through a season healthy. We are a one dimensional offense. Regardless of Smothers and Martinez the fact is we have no one that can throw.
agree with all but will add running back. I don’t think it’s a personnel issue or talent with running back. I think it’s lack of focus on line play and run blocking schemes. When SF won his championship at Nebraska he wasn’t the focal point of every defensive coordinator. He had 1800 yards of rushing from ahman green and another 1000 combined from correl buckhalter and Joel mackovickia. (sp). We just have to get a running game threat to open up the quarterback.
LOGAN SMOTHERS - What's not to like? Was a 4 star recruit out of Alabama. Top 15, dual threat QB in the country. Ran the 400 Meters in 51.34. Top 10 in Bama in the 60 yard dash. Honorable Mention All-State. High School coach, Cody Gross said "He is extremely explosive." A typical high school recruit right? But this is what I like about him. When he is in there he seems to be fired up, so he will have the energy and confidence, but the biggest thing we got going for us, is he has 4.0 g.p.a and wants to go Medical school. Will he be perfect? No way! But can we win with Logan Smothers? Yes, we can. May the STARS fall on the Alabama kid FRIDAY.
Pops, you need to give credit that this is from a Facebook post from another author and not something you wrote.


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