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Sipple is Losing All Credibility


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I think their subscribers are losing faith in the accuracy of what they're reading. If Sipple et. al. aren't painting an accurate picture of what's going on in Lincoln, why should we pay any attention to them? Might as well read Twitter; most thinking people know that's a fantasy.
They’re future depends on Trev getting this turned around. Expectations are extremely high for this program. Nebraska is in danger of becoming just another team very much like Iowa, Purdue and others like them. Trev has to pull out all the stops, get the right guy and make the salary for assistant coaches one of if not the best in the country. Coaching as much as recruiting is going to bring Nebraska back. There’s already three top notch assistants on this staff, Joseph, Busch and Fisher. He’s got to get this right he’s already said he doesn’t want to win the press conference he wants a program builder. I believe Rhule could be that guy but we will soon see.
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So you're saying he used to have credibility? Rhule is not the home run I was expecting. Fired from previous job with an average, at best, college record. I can think of a previously fired NFL for coach I would rather have. Happy Thanksgiving Husker Nation!
I don't know you at all so please don't take this wrong, but either your expectations of what 'home run' coach would actually come to NU was hugely unrealistic, or you are grossly uninformed of the experience and ability of Rhule. Or both.


Has Sip been reduced to just repeating rumors? This is pathetic. Especially this flip flop on Rhule. I thought he was more of an insider than other rumor mongers but his stuff lately has been really weak.
allot of these local reporters unfortunately have become story chasers. last year, everyone told us riley was going to lsu and he ended up in usc. nobody predicted brian kelly to lsu. and none of our local guys said anything then or now about sf being lazy and incompetent.

i am still glad i do not hear my choice being rumored about to be the next head coach. maybe their is still a chance.

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Used to enjoy Sipple and many of the other Husker beat writers. Not so much anymore. Research is to hard for them. They don't actually report what is really happening. See Frost. Washut gets his panties in a wad when you question him. They've just gotten lazy.

Disappointing. They all used to be pretty good back in the day.
Washut is a bit sensitive, might be due to his first name, Robin. :thumbsup:
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