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Should we be concerned...


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Winning cures all ills. I love Nebraska, but if I were top talent, two back-to-back 4-8 seasons would honestly give me pause. Flip that to 8-4 or better this year and we will be running out of schollies...
I agree with this, though 8-4 with a 5-4 record in conference won’t be enough to win the West but it would be a start.
And as for the title of the thread — sitting half way through July at 58th and 11th in the B1G ( by 247), needing 16 or so commits to come to a team with back to back 4-8 seasons— nothing wrong with being truthful and admitting to some concerns. Especially with so many having committed early this year. You can like our commits thus far but still acknowledge that filling this class with talent in our positions of need will be most difficult.


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The winning part needs to start this season. . . .
I believe it is critical this year more than any other in recent memory that we do not stumble coming out of the gate and lose one of those first four games. Matching the 2018 win total so early in the season would IMO make recruits feel a lot better about committing to the Huskers.
Yep. As others have said, hosting tOSU with both teams ranked and undefeated would be just what our recruiting season would need, IMO.


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I am completely fine if we rescind our scholarship offer here. (Tongue in check)
BUT...I'm in SSO's boat. This stuff makes me want to ******** bash my head against the wall. (Not tongue in cheek)
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