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Should Scott Frost pivot his offense?


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Really IMPO a run first power type O with a lot of presnap motion and throwing when the time is right is all he has to do


As I mentioned just recently in another thread, the problem isn't our X's and O's, it's our execution. Don't fumble. Don't false start. Don't miss a block because you forgot your assignment. Don't snap high because you started off in a bad position over the ball when you lined up. Don't take a sack when you could throw it away. Dont throw a pick just to avoid a sack. Improve on those things, and our point production takes a huge step forward.

Agree scheme may limit us but our execution is so bad it's hard to tell.


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I for one would like to see tweaks as mentioned by others on this thread.

Trash the fricking flare pass until you can execute it. Led to 2 awful starts with fumbles. What about toss sweeps? What about inserting a "wing" (think Dana Brinson and Tyrone Hughes) from time to time (Luke?) and running formations off of that? And I like the aspect of having a big back in our fold now.

Our offense is way too predictable. It is absolutely maddening. Maybe with a big o line and more talent there (it appears) we can run more plays?

Someone else mentions how big we are now on offense. I for one am intrigued to see what we can do with this bigger mindset.