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Secret visit

Believe he mentioned it in the press conference. Said that he initially talked with Trev and while the opportunity seemed good he initially decided that he was just going to take the year off. Then when Trev and admin came back with an established plan and better package, he reconsidered. The trip to Lincoln helped seal the deal.

I've read so much that I could be aggregating that from reports, rather than what he said, but I thought that was what was mentioned. I've read and listened to a lot over the last few days, so I could be mixing some stuff up.
He never turned them down initially. Said they were ready to sign an agreement when things broke down (carolina threw a wrench into the agreement) said it looked like it wouldn't get done and he was disappointed. said when he got the news he said damn I really wanted that job, and then he said Trev called later and said how about if we try this... and that got him hopeful again. I think they had to come up with more money to satisfy Carolina, and the Admiral had go to the Regents to sign off on it.

I loved Rhule's initial statements at his PC yesterday talking about how bought in his family is and how they want to be a part of the community. I think it's awesome that he gave so much credit to his wife and kids for being influential in this decision and it further cements that, culturally, I think he's a phenomenal fit for us. I really do feel like this is a perfect match made at the right time for our program.
It sounds like we particularly owe a thank you to his son for encouraging dad to take the job. That Nebraska Rhule jersey they were holding up on stage yesterday looked pretty small. I hope the athletic department gets one and some other swag that fits the kid.;)

Some of the "tracking" is obviously for fun (and not always correct) but it now shifts to following Rhule and staff around the country as they recruit. I've mentioned this in other threads but you can tell where these guys go based on recruits' social media posts. And that accomplishes a couple things- it allows you to know who they are targeting (you'll see a picture of them together in a high school/living room/etc.) and it also allows you to see which flights (and tail numbers) they are using, which is helpful for future "tracking".

I feel a little like Magnum PI. Athough I don't have the looks or the car.

One of the things I liked that Riley did is the pin maps on social media showing where coaches were traveling.

Frost seemed a bit too paranoid (in retrospect) for something that transparent.


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