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Sean Callahan reports NU doesn't need RB Coach


Setting the record straight
Or at least that seems to be what the article below implies. What am I missing? Has RBs already been assigned? Who is working with QBs? And what about Mike Dawson? Is he already gone? Has Barrett picked up the OLBs? Oy Sean...please fill in the gaps.

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I'm cool with Ron Brown taking the reins. He still has some good years left in him. I've been to some camps and other husker events and the guy loves being around people. He is the ultimate coach in my book.
. He has said he doesn’t want to be a full time coach because it takes away too much time from his ministry duties.


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Yes, he does have some good things going on outside of coaching. Who knows, maybe he will give us a year or two.
I like Ron Brown but he wouldn’t be able to speak out about issues that he used to speak openly about. In 2021 he would get blasted and canceled. Doesn’t matter if we agree or don’t. If he speaks out against anything with the gay community it would be a National story.