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@ SD game 3

If we lose tomorrow and lose the next week series our post season hopes may be gone in February

Was able to attend today, really nice venue (with beer!). Loss in the end a bummer, but I think a bit to like about our 2023 squad. What remains a longtime issue, however, is that we strike out far too much, leaving valuable runners unmoved along the base paths. Opportunity today to extend the lead netted only one run from a bases loaded, no out situation, and that run scored on a Max HBP with no outs, so no additional runs due to an FC followed by back-to-back Ks.


* Umpires had a rough day, especially plate, was never really sure what his zone was, his long delay after the USD 1st baseman pimped his first inning homer and Josh chewed on him was weird and the whole HBP exchange was ridiculous.

* Husker starter Caleb Clark looked sharp and was pretty composed. Can’t give away ABs in front of monster hitters as he did in the first, leading to the extra batter and a two-run dinger.

* Torero Kevin Sim, what a day, yeah, kind of a jack ass, but he’s a kid and he has had a really good start to his season. But….ya can’t strut and then be sensitive about the response you get from the other bench. It ain’t like he got shoved or thrown at.

* Jalen Worthley gave us 1-2/3 of key shutout relief and looked pretty electric - good velocity - for a seemingly smallish guy.

* The whole HBP thing is pretty irritating. Cal State Fullerton and many of the area teams have mastered that cheating technique over the years and umpires just let it happen (worse in the high schools). The teams that practice that particular “hack” also seem to get other teams’ legit HBPs waved off as ours was today. That one didn’t even look that questionable to me for a free base.

Bottom line, USD a legitimate top 30 or 40 team I think with lots of pitching, a couple of offensive studs and some scrappy west coast baseballers. We’re pretty good and I think we’ll get a lot better, but will need some leadership. Josh Caron looks that part to me, but will need some help. Game today shoulda been a winner but after 10 hits through 5, we went dark offensively, while our pitching served up way too many freebies.

Lots of opportunities ahead to get better, starting with tomorrow. Hang with ’em. GBR!


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