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@ SD game 2

Brice with a leadoff walk and stolen base, but gets stranded at 2nd.

Picking up right where we left off yesterday and last year.
Max can’t hold onto a throw to tag out on a stolen base, followed up by a two run home run.

Horrible start.

GA with a leadoff hit

Followed by a strike’m out throw them out.

Paint me skeptical this team is going to score much this year without the opposing team giving us boatloads of walks and errors.

0-2 after 2.5
I’m trying to maintain hope, but it is quickly fading.

0-2 after 3.5.

Bolt thought we had offensive depth. I think our depth is offensive.

Carey singles, advances on a wp and GA brings him home!

1-2 after 4.5

GA needs to be the 3 or 4 hitter, not 9 hole.
I had the streaming earlier, now it is gone! It showed it was on today, and now it says, no video today's game. Weird!


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