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Scuttlebutt from Lincoln

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Turd Ferguson retired

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Recognize that this is a 3rd party rumor so take it for what it's worth.

My brother is a very good friend of someone who is quite heavily involved in the local Lincoln media. Here is what he has heard.

As mentioned by Shatel in his post-Iowa column, Bo is on very thin ice with several prominent boosters. The win over Iowa was, indeed, important. This has not completely served to put out the fire, however. Combine this lack of patience with the stinging rebuke he received last year after aTm and you are left with a head coach who is extremely frustrated and potentially wants out.

Carl leaving could have been step one. Similar to not firing Watson last year and waiting, instead, for him to find a job, Bo would not leave until/unless his brother landed on his feet.

The current offer that Bo is considering is DC/Asst HC/coach-in-waiting at tOSU. Whether or not he takes it is very much anyone's guess right now.

The current lack of recruit commitments can be directly attributed to this uncertainty as other coaches, specifically those known to negative recruit (Les Miles), are using this situation against us.

Now again, this is friend-of-brother stuff so how reliable will it ultimately be? Who knows? It could be 100% accurate but then Bo doesn't leave and it will appear that this was all ****************. We'll see.

Why post? Save it until you have something credible. That said, if the boosters get in the habit of running coaches after 9-3 records we will never get a decent coach to sniff Lincoln again. The 90's are over boys...you can't buy it back and you sure can't get the reputation of running coaches who may be on the verge of 3 10 win seasons. Jeesh.
I will say that if we run off another good coach, we will be mediocre for a very long time.

I certainly wouldn't be surprised if Bo is a little fed up, don't know that it would be any better anywhere else though. I seriously doubt there is any validity in this rumor. As Fromunda said, "coach in waiting" should be enough to give it away.
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