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Scott Frost and Moos going forward.

19D Cav

Bill Moos is almost 70 and I believe signed a 4-5 year contract in 2017 chances are Moos will retire soon and who ever takes over will evaluate Frost and I don't know how well Frost is going to like that process unless he begins to win some games and gains some leverage

lo country

You get out of the hole by winning both lines of scrimmage. By being fundamentally solid. By gaining an identity and sticking with it. And by scoring at least one more point than your opponent. Not trying to be a wise guy but there it is. Play this season out. Win as many as you can. Make the adjustments needed (Austin and Chin right now look vulnerable unless things change). Pederson got one thing right. He forced Frank to make the necessary changes. Moos has to do that here with Frost. We have no identity on either side of the ball.
Chin and Austin are vulnerable for performance (lack of) and no identity.....Frost is the HC and OC....If lack of scheme is a vulnerability Frost needs to be at the front of the line. I'd also say Verduzco would be shown the door. Honestly today.......

Year 3 and I have less of an idea about what Frost wants to be than what I did in year one. You hear the "culture" speeches and then the "rumors" of how some guys are treated and makes me wonder has the culture gotten better for the kids. Maybe they are not seeing the "lead by example" thing...

Sadly, there are no easy answers. I do not think anyone from the most ardent fan, football guru, insider would have ever predicted NU would be where we are year 3 of the Frost journey..