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Locked due to no posts in 60 days. Report 1st post if need unlocked Sam Foltz makes the Ray Guy Award watch list

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Not on their web site yet but I received email confirmation that he is on the list. Will post the link when it is live.


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Ray Guy Award (July 7)

28 players selected
Toby Baker, Arkansas
Alex Boy, Nevada
Michael Carrizosa, San Jose State
Trevor Daniel, Tennessee
Joseph Davidson, Bowling Green
Colin Downing, Iowa State
Sam Foltz, Nebraska
Will Gleeson, Ole Miss
Worth Gregory, East Carolina
Matt Haack, Arizona State
Hayden Hunt, Colorado State
Cameron Johnston, Ohio State
Logan Laurent, UMass
Jonny Linehan, BYU
Joseph Occhipinti, Western Kentucky
Dalton Parks, Tulsa
Nick Porebski, Oregon State
Austin Rehkow, Idaho
Tyler Sarrazin, Southern Miss
Dalton Schomp, Florida Atlantic
JK Scott, Alabama
Austin Seibert, Oklahoma
Johnny Townsend, Florida
Justin Vogel, Miami
Justin Wain, UConn
Nick Walsh, Kansas State
Ryan Winslow, Pittsburgh
Ethan Wood, Wyoming


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That means the offense didn't move the ball if we are punting from our 12. That should be considered a failure.:)
True. The previous play was a fly sweep by huskernut where I lost 58 yards. I didn't look so fly. And that was MY one play for the season. :cool::D

The reason Langsdorf put me in is he had cleared the bench to keep from running up the score early in the 3rd quarter. Pretty sure it was the OSU game.

I'm not on the team of course. I just happened to be standing behind the bench in my Mike Nobler replica jersey and helmet and had just sucked in my gut because a pretty girl walked by. I guess Langs confused me with someone else.

Foltz was pretty happy though. Gave me a high five and it knocked me over.
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it was ok Nut, after they muffed that howitzer punt we got it on the 4 and Bush scored on a zone read keeper on the very next play. The team had your back.
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Both kickers on the watch lists again and deservedly so. What an incredible run NU has had at those spots.

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I just hope our best weapon(s) this season isn't either kicker.
I think Foltz is our most likely all-BIG player, and a possible all-American. And, he is a great weapon to have, though obviously, I agree we would like to see some even greater offensive weapons. It is just too hard to tell at this point if we have anyone on offense who will reach the all-BIG level. One or more receivers seem possible.
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