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Saban: No way pal. Cheapskate?


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This is a great article. I hope it gets a lot of media traction. Nick Saban's program is in a position where he can vocalize this without fear of losing too much talent. I'm guessing a majority of coaches feel this way and probably act this way in practice, even if they don't vocalize it to the media. I think it would be hard to attract kids into weaker programs and rebuilding programs if those coaches came out too strong verbally and publicly. e.g. look at Iowa's struggles with NIL as one example.

Coach Rhule's comments on wanting kids that want to be here and prioritizing player development are indirect public view points along the same lines as Saban's.....as I think a majority of coaches.

NIL is like lawyers....everyone has to have them, but once you use them, they foul everything up.


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Where I completely agree with little Nicky is incomming kids wanting a million bucks that have earned exactly ZIPPO, NADA, NOTHING! No idea if the kid is going to be a star or complete dud? But oh no the U of (insert name) needs to find me some big time NIL money simply to sign my letter of intent? Really...?? The rule where NIL money isn't supposed to be a lever to entice kids for signing with a certain school is a joke! Everyone knows it's happening and it's probably the top recruitment tool. This NIL stuff must be addressed and requires some reasonable method of control. If it's not controlled it's going to destroy what's left of college football imo.
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