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Locked due to no posts in 60 days. Report 1st post if need unlocked S Jeremy Cash to visit for the Texas game

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Wow this game will be the whose-who of recruits.....this is the young man who is a soft verbal to Ohio State, but is taking other visits......will graduate in December....

Another hybrid type of guy who fits Bo's defense to a "T"....

ESPN Teaser:

Cash is a productive safety prospect who actually fits the mold of a hybrid type defender the more you watch him on film. Ton of production comes near the line of scrimmage; would make an ideal Bandit or Rover. He is tall, long and rangy; combines good body length


Plantation, FL Plantation HS
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185
Visit Date: 10/15/10
Scholarships: Colorado, Connecticut, Florida St., Louisville, Miami, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio St., South Carolina, South Florida, Stanford, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Wisconsin

Rivals: 4**** 5.8
Rivals.com safeties 2011 (19)
Rivals.com Florida Preseason Top 100 2011 (48)

Scout: 4****
ESPN: 4****

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The list of recruits for the Texas game is getting kinda crazy. Hope we can put on a good show, and win the dang game.


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What a turn around ...Husker's will be choosing not recruting in a few years. Gotta love this entire staff and the incredible job they are doing.

Fear "D" Corn

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"What a turn around ...Husker's will be choosing not recruting in a few years. Gotta love this entire staff and the incredible job they are doing"

We are a ways away from that I agree with you but, it is sure looking that way and a good year this year and BAM, you have your prediction :nod::nod:
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