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Royals Draft picks discussion


Feral Cat
20 Year Member
From all I've read, the Royals drafted quite well.

Asa Lacy was widely considered the top starting pitcher prospect. Miami selected Meyer (RHP) from the Gophers just ahead of KC -- but there's some thought that Meyer is better suited as a closer.

Here's an analysis from CBS sports:

Asa Lacy, the top pitcher in the draft class, slipped out of the top three and into the Royals' lap with the No. 4 pick. That's a huge win. Kansas City then added maybe the best true shortstop in the draft class in Nick Loftin in Competitive Balance Round B, and second rounder Ben Hernandez might have the best changeup among high school pitchers in the draft class. Outfielder Tyler Gentry was a nice get in the third round too. Lacy makes this an A all by himself. Adding Loftin and Hernandez (and Gentry) on top of him is icing on the cake.