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Roundtable With Coach Osborne, AD Alberts & Coach Ruhle

Really enjoyed that video! Noticed something almost right away that really caught my eye. When coach Osborne was speaking on a topic, you could tell Matt Rhule was truly paying attention. He was honed in on every word. Almost like he was on the edge of his seat, and didn't want to miss a tidbit of it.

More and more as the weeks pass, I feel we really hired the right kind of person to coach and bring the Huskers back. At the least, if wins don't follow I won't believe it will be because of a lack of effort and work.
Such a great idea to get these three in a Roundtable discussion about (Husker) football... past, present and future.

It's especially encouraging to see so much alignment between the three of them. And it's always nice (and more beneficial then may be apparent) to earn the respect and support of Dr Tom.

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I really hate to have to even mention this but this just makes it so apparent that something was really wrong with Scott Frost. He blew so many opportunities.
In retrospect, Frost was in way over his head. He couldn't or wouldn't fix any of the many problems. He got no help from his coaching staff, which was not up to B1G standards. Very few, if any, of that staff has landed a Power Five position. When he claimed that the B1G would have to adapt to his offense, I thought that was a strange thing to say. Turns out, it was a naive claim.
RR, thank you for sharing this.

This is the best 47 minutes session I have seen. It's fun to listen to Coach Osborne share his thoughts and wisdom. Unfortunately, he is showing his age so it was great getting this on video.

Even better was the parallel, philosophically between Coach and MR. Across practice philosophy, recruiting, kids character, engaging with the players and parents, offensive strategy, etc. Further, it was evident that MR really respects Coach, never calling him by his first name and glowing throughout the 47 minute video. MR is a class act.

We are finally in good hands after 20 years in purgatory. Thank you TA. GBR

JUST WOW!! That a fantastic video and worth every minute spent watching it. Dr Tom is really getting old and then I said to myself... Self so are you! lol Trev could really be a Hollywood star and we’re so lucky we hired him. He was the perfect person to interview coach and MR imo. There were interesting stories from Dr Tom that I’d never heard before. It’s obvious the amount of respect MR has for Dr Tom which is exactly what I’d expect from MR. He’s a class act and I'm happy he was hired and believe he’ll ultimately be successful. It’s just a great Round Table discussion for Husker fans.

After listening to Dr Robs podcast, I'm pulling in the reins on how much SF worked, and placing it more on approach and choices.
That was an interesting conversation. It's still hard to believe he was putting in the work. The bigger takeaway for me was Mitch Sherman saying that they tried to write the definitive post-mortem on Scott Frost's reasons for failure and couldn't get anyone to go on record.