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RIP Dame Diana Rigg

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As Emma Peele, she was the first girl I ever "noticed". I've never seen anyone sexier since, to my taste.

The actress had many other fine qualities. RIP, Dame Rigg.
Indeed. She was very hot in The Avengers. I have seen some episodes recently and she still seemed hot all these years later.

Prairie Sage

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Was she made a Dame?

If so, why?
Many British actors/actresses are given titles of the empire. Diana Rigg, was a prolific and very accomplished actress on the stage as well as TV and movies, winning BAFTAs and a Tony award, in addition to several Emmy nominations. Helen Mirren is also a Dame.


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As is Judi Dench. I guess its just that I haven't seen her in things that I thought were special, whereas the others I have.

I was on the board of an American sub of a British investment company and like many of these companies, the nominal CEO was a Lord. This fellow had been knighted because he was a successful middle tier businessman and knew someone who helps make up; the lists.

He's famous for saying at a board meeting of our sub, in reflecting on an early stage investment we had made in an unusual nutrition drink, that he supposes it is a decent investment until a drinker's hair turns green and his balls fall off.

Very proper these Lords.