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RIP Audra DIshman


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My sincere apologies if this has been posted elsewhere - if so I didn’t see it.

I just learned that Audra Dishman, Chris Dishman’s wife, died by suicide earlier today.
I sent Chris a message and figure Husker Nation would be a comfort of sorts during this difficult time. Very sad, and for someone who has worked in this field for 28+ years it is always very humbling.

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Wow, that is so horrible. Thoughts and prayers with Chris.

Too much of this kind of thing going around

Farmer Jake

Prayers to the family and friends.

I have been around enough suicides that I hate to see when anyone feels this is the best solution. Hopefully, this will change in our society really soon.

For Audra, I will quote a pastor who presided over a suicide funeral. "May God in heaven grant her the peace that she couldn't find on earth."