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Richie Incognito retires from the NFL

The guy had his struggles but really turned things around for himself at just the right time. 15 years in the NFL is impressive for any player, but especially for him. Hope he enjoys retirement!
There were times on this board that many did not want him associated with the Huskers.

In retrospect I think it goes beyond maturity … whatever challenges/demons he faced in his earlier life … he did a better job learning to live with them, to control them and not let his life be defined by them. I think we call that mental health nowadays.

Calling it a career after 15 years.

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In the late 90's or maybe 2000 I attended a game in Lincoln against Baylor I think. I was walking to my seat but the game was underway. Nebraska had driven down to about the 5 yd line. I was walking down by that endzone, it was between plays, and I heard a bunch of swearing and name calling from the players. I looked up and saw the whole Baylor defensive line chasing Incognito out to about the 15 yd line. Pretty funny.


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