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Ribeye vs. New York Strip


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Since we are off topic......we went old school last night. Bone in, brined pork chops in the old charcoal grill. Followed by a bunch of tri tip steaks, and some burger patties to pre-cook some meals. I hate firing up the coals for just a couple chops.


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I am going out on Saturday and buying some steaks for our hurricane party. Maybe do some BBQ chickens, roasted corn on the cob, and then whatever else we have in the freezer we need to eat...oh and we have some peaches to roast on the grill as well.

Waiting for my neighbors to get home from work to see what they want to bring over.
Ribs are a different story. It's perfectly acceptable to grab ribs and eat them right off the bone. Can't really do that with a steak, at least when you're around other people.

Ribeye for sho ..more flavor than a ny strip...and nothing is wrong with eating it with ur hands, it's probably the polite thing to do in China. ..


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I made a NY strip the other night, cast iron skillet, Made the perfect crust. One the best steaks i have ever had. Ribeye is probably my fav but for the money, that strip was awesome.
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