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Rib eye and Tri Tip Stk


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Sorry Bean, just now saw this. My recipe is pretty close to Chicago Huskers' but I use turbinado instead of brown sugar and chipotle instead of cayenne. I also add some onion powder. That's about it. I did mine on my Weber kettle using indirect heat over some hickory until it hit 140 degrees internal. Let it rest for about 30 minutes, slice and enjoy. Leftovers are delicious on a ciabata roll with an adobo aioli.


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Let's not get carried away here. I like pumpkin porters and an occasionally lime in my Corona, but I refuse to cloud my whiskey. That's just wrong. A good whiskey deserves to chill on ice and be enjoyed in all its natural flavors. It is what God intended. So it is written. So it shall be done.
If you have to put fruit in a beer, is it really a beer?
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