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Rhule reportedly turned us down. Update: Well Maybe Not


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If you want someone to come in and build things up for 3 or 4 years and then turn over the reigns to Mickey, there is one great coach out there nobody is talking about.

Mack Brown

National Champion
National coach of the year
3x conference coach of the year in 2 conferences
14 straight 9 win seasons (12 were 10 win)
7 division champions in 2 conferences
Solid reputation.
Please not Mack Brown. I'm still bitter from 2010 game with all the fake injuries to slow the faster paced Nebraska team. I'll take the swagger of Primetime instead.


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Just like the website n2fl.com

Oh damn, Gina!! lol



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I’m not even sure who would want him as offensive coordinator with the downward trajectory our offense has been since he took over. You can blame whip as much as you want but MJ is still the passing game coordinator and should be highly involved in game planning and monitoring the offense during the game.

Heck the one time he did call plays we got a whole 42 yards of offense in an entire half.
you know that Whipple was calling Plays from the booth that 2nd half, right?


How are ya now?
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I was going to say that I thought Whip was up in the box, leg wrapped in ice sucking down ibuprofen and calling the plays. You may not like his play-calling and his offensive philosophy (and I certainly don’t) but you have to admit that he’s a gamer and there’s no “quit” in him.
except when it comes to calling running plays more complex than a delay. then he has a lot of quit in him
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