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Rhule Interview on Bussin' with the Boys

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The Nth Degree

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Great interview! Always cool to get another look at our Head Coach and see what makes him tick.

I really like his persona and his overall outlook on life, football and his role as a head coach and mentor to "his guys".

It really does feel like we have the perfect coach in place... he and his staff are certainly yielding some nice results from the recruiting trail and transfer portal.



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I really enjoyed what he had to say. I like how he compared what we has a fanbase want from our football team in comparison to what a lot of other fanbases expect from their teams. He really gets NE Football. I also like his answer when he talked about jumping to the next gig. His transparency about how he has to talk to recruits about it. And how, in general, he is approaching recruiting.

Once He started talking, I couldn't stop listening till the emoji bit and thats when I was done.


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Will is unpolished, but the guy is building a brand with Lewan and he bleeds Husker red. I, for one, am proud of his hustle and love the unique carve out he's making. They're both meat heads but that shouldn't be all that surprising.

As to this specific podcast, I thought it was incredible. I had been told by my Baylor friends that I'd be blown away by how polished he is and how clear his communication is. He comes across as humble but confident. That fits our brand to a T. I also loved Will poking around on how great the recruits are in Arizona LOL
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